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Our Performance Guarantee

No matter the season, walk away from our stores with equipment that allows you to have an experience of a lifetime.
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Cycling enjoyment starts with the right fit. Our knowledgeable bike sales staff will select a bike for you that puts your body in a position to maximize the pedaling power and efficiency you are capable of delivering comfortably. With your purchase we will take the time to adjust your saddle height, evaluate your handlebar height, stem reach, and posture. 

If you notice that any part of your bike needs a little adjusting after your initial fitting, don’t worry! Every bike purchased at Epic Mountain Gear can be brought in for free adjustments anytime during store hours. This includes adjusting saddle height, handlebar height, and minor brake and shifting adjustments. 

At Epic Mountain Gear we try our best to fit you on a bike that perfectly fits your riding style. If, however, you are not completely satisfied with your new bike purchase, we offer our Performance Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your Epic Mountain Gear purchase, simply return your bike to us within 30-days in like new condition, and we will work with you to find a bike that better suits your needs. 

When you bring in your bike for service, we always start with a free, no-obligation estimate of the work that will be needed. One of our service pros will discuss the problem with you and will carefully explain what work should be done, always respecting your choices and your budget. 

Whether you are riding the trail and get a flat, or you hit a pothole and knock your rim, drop-in for service at Epic Mountain Gear. No appointment is needed, just bring in your bike and we’ll fix it and get you back on the road or trail as quickly as possible.

Walk away from our stores with more than just a pair of skis, boots or a board. 

Walk away knowing that you’ve purchased equipment that’s perfect for you... equipment that is guaranteed to perform... equipment that allows you to have an experience of a lifetime on the mountains.If you aren’t happy with the way your gear is fitting, bring it back within 3 uses and allow our experts to dial in your fit or we will exchange them at no additional cost. Boot purchase must be within the calendar year. Additional costs will be credited towards any exchange. If there is a difference in boot price, additional balance may be owed. 

 No questions asked - our commitment to you.  .
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