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Expert Boot Fit


Book your Expert Boot Fitting appointment today! Appointments are available* for your safety and the safety of our staff.

*Availability is limited for walk-ins at this time. Guests with appointments will be served first. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Be Comfortable in Your Own Boots

Nothing has the power to make or break your day like a pair of ski or snowboard boots. And no one has the power to customize your comfort like our team of Epic Experts.

Start your season off on the right foot with:

  • a custom foot assessment
  • an expert boot fitting
  • as many boot modifications as needed for the perfect fit
  • unlimited adjustments at any time, free of charge

When it comes to ski and snowboard boots, one size does not fit all. How your boots fit can make or break your day on the mountain.

At Epic Mountain Gear, our team of experts take the time to find the perfect ski or snowboard boot for you. In about an hour, we will help you find the boots that you need to feel more comfortable and confident on the mountain.

Boot fitting process:

  1. Custom foot assessment

    1. When you come to your appointment, be sure to bring your favorite pair of ski socks. We suggest bringing the thinnest pair you have. The type of sock you wear is extremely important to how your boot will fit.

  2. Expert boot fitting

    1. Determine what kind of skier/rider you are and the type of fit you need.

      1. By asking you a series of questions, our expert boot fitters will gain an idea of the type of skier you are, and want to be. Based on that, they will determine what kind of fit your boot should have. There are 3 types of fit: comfort, performance, and high performance. Most people will either be fitted for a comfort or performance fit, but as you become more advanced you may want to consider a more aggressive fitting boot.

        1. Comfort fit: Boots with a comfort fit have a soft flex which will provide you with more shock absorption giving you a smoother ride on the mountain. Comfort fitting boots are best for those who spend most of their day on groomed green and blue runs. With comfort fit boots you do give up some control which may make it harder to control your gear on more difficult terrain.

        2. Performance fit: Boots are more secure which will give you more precise control on the mountain. A stiffer flex will deliver increased responsiveness allowing for more control in turn carving and higher speeds.

        3. High performance fit: High performance fitting boots are designed for those who tackle the steepest and most challenging terrain. The stiff flex of the boot allows for precise control allowing advanced skiers to increase their speed and aggressiveness on the mountain.

    2. Try on different options

      1. Based on what fit you need, our expert staff will select a variety of different boot options for you to try. While they will try to accommodate color and brand preferences, sometimes the best boot for you might not be the most appealing on the shelf. But remember, the better the fit, the better you will feel on the mountain.

      2. Once you have a boot picked out, our experts will walk you through how to properly buckle and store the boot.

      3. If needed, our experts can also help you pick out anything else you may need such as custom insoles or socks.

  3. Unlimited modifications and adjustments

    1. Bring them back if needed

      1. We offer free boot work for the lifetime of the product. This includes things like stretching or any liner modifications you may need after purchase. Restrictions may apply, see store associate for full details*

Tips for increasing comfort and extending the life of your boot:

  • On the way to the mountain:

    • Keep your boots warm
    • Don't wear the socks you are going to ski in. Your feet will probably sweat on the drive.
  • On the mountain:

    • Nothing should go inside your boot except for your sock. To avoid pressure points, make sure all under layers and snow pants are not tucked inside the boot.
  • Storage:

    • Take your liners out of the boot after a day on the mountain to allow them to dry.
    • Store boots buckled, in a temperate climate.
  • Performance & Boot Fit Guarantee:

    • If you aren't happy with the way your boots are fitting, just bring them back within three uses and we'll swap them out for something different. No questions asked - our commitment for you to have an Experience of a Lifetime.

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