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SPOKESPerson Tips: Brent Bulger’s Advice on Preparing Your Bike for the Trails

At Epic Mountain Gear, we’re excited to introduce our SPOKESPerson Tips series, where our bike experts share their top tips for exploring our mountains on a bike.  

Meet Brent Bulger, a mountain bike expert and bike buyer for our Epic Mountain Gear locations. His seven years of experience in bike sales, as a bike mechanic, and now the current role in selecting bike gear and accessories for each Epic Mountain Gear location, he is the go-to expert for everything bike.  

Brent makes it clear – flat tires can ruin a beautiful bike day. Although it’s impossible to predict when your tire might pop, you can take the steps to prepare. Read more on his top tips for preparing for the trails.  

#1: Portable Inflation Pumps 

If Brent were to swear by one addition to your bike set-up, it would be a pump. He explains that bike pumps are a necessity for the trail, but just like Brent, no one wants to carry a clunky pump on their ride. Our stores offer great compact pumps, including the Trek Bontrager Mini Charger Floor Pump that holds securely onto your bike frame. With a sleek design and practical folding foot, stabilize your pump for faster tire inflation. If you’re looking for at-home floor pumps that are dependable and fill big tires fast, check out great air tool options from Specialized in-store.  

#2: Liners 

Liners, Brent’s personal favorite. This option can outlast tubes and tires and are easily paired with any tire size. Built to protect your tire against punctures and is ideal for trails with lots of thorns or road debris. Although they add a bit of weight to your tire, they’re a great option for rocky roads and they’re quick-to-install in-store by our bike experts.  

#3 Tubeless Tires 

Brent explains that tubeless is the best option for mountain riders seeking a smooth ride with the ability to navigate tough terrain and maintain traction. Run lower pressures without fear of pinching a flat and fight those tough thorns on the trail. Ask an Epic Mountain Gear expert for their recommendation that’s best suited to your bike.  

#4: Flat Protection  

Oh no! Your tire popped on the trail. No worries – carrying a flat kit ensures that you can repair damage on the go. Our locations offer plenty of saddle bag and inflation options. The Trek Bontrager Flat Pack is a great pre-packaged option containing useful tire-change essentials. With a mini pump, multi-tool, three tire levers, and a patch kit, this all-in-one is a great option for the everyday rider looking for a quick flat fix! If you’re looking to build your own kit, ask an in-store expert for their top product picks and they will assist you with strapping your seat bag so it’s tight and tucked out of the way during your ride. It’s also a great idea to pack a spare tube and a chain link for the road.  

Take Brent’s advice and check out these products at any Epic Mountain Gear location so you feel prepared for your next bike adventure!  


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