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Product Recommendations from Our Pros: Shop the Top Bikes In-Store

Product Recommendations from Our Pros: Shop the Top Bikes In-Store.  

Are you an adrenaline junkie looking to buy a new mountain bike? Or do you just enjoy being out in nature and want to take your outdoor adventures to the next level? Whatever the reason may be, purchasing a new bike can be a challenging task. Our bike experts at Epic Mountain Gear are here to help! With over 50 years of buying experience, we’ll walk you through our top bike picks, the benefits of different bike types, and help you find the right wheels for your next ride.  

Before purchasing a bike, you should consider the type of riding you’ll do. Will you be riding on smooth trails, gravel roads, or steep downhill trails? Knowing this will help you determine the type of suspension and tires you’ll need. Bikes with full suspension are suitable for technical terrains, while hardtail bikes are better suited for less technical rides. Additionally, cruisers are perfect for the smooth rider looking to take in the beautiful Colorado views, while electric (e-bikes) are a great option for bikers seeking a boost with pedal assist on longer rides. Explore our experts' top picks by category: 


Trek Fuel EX 7 Gen 6 

This mountain bike was coveted Pink Bike’s bike of the year for a reason! New for this season, the Fuel EX 7 is a do-anything trail machine evolved to eat up singletrack. The upgraded front and rear suspension smooth out rough and technical descents, while a lightweight aluminum frame keeps things lively on the climbs. Additionally, the new in-frame storage and adjustable geometry give you the perks that come with the carbon model, without the price tag. To round it out, the tubeless wheels and reliable drivetrain make this the ultimate bike for trail fun. 


Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 

This gravel bike is a great value option for what it offers. The high-quality build is compliant and comfortable with tires built to last all day on long gravel roads, pavement, and dirt. Plus, the GRX drivetrain makes it easy to customize for your own unique bike adventure.  

Diamondback Haanjo 3 

The Haanjo 3 is a great intro gravel bike that can handle any road, paved or not. The Diamondback Endurance Geometry is designed to place you in a more comfortable position that’s perfect for both long rides and rough roads, while the aluminum frame delivers a perfect balance of durability and comfort. Additionally, the Shimano Sora 2x9-speed drivetrain provides ample gearing for long hauls with pinpoint precise steering and a lightweight frame. You can truly tackle any road with this bike.  


Trek Electric FX +2 

This new electric city bike is sleek and lightweight, to make your day faster and more fun. Cruise up hills and zoom down paved streets with the natural feeling pedal assist. Plus, the FX + 2 includes useful accessories such as a rack for hauling and bag attachment, lights, and fender to stay dry as the weather shifts. 

Trek Electric Dual Sport + 2   

The Dual Sport +2 is a go-to hybrid electric bike with a lightweight frame. It’s built for adventures on pavement and light trails with natural feeling pedal assist to aid you up hills. The stiff wheels and wide tires are great for boosting confidence on varied terrain. Additionally, this e-bike has built in lights.  

Trek Electra Townie Go! 7D Step-Thru  

This is the e-bike for everyone. It combines comfort and control with the power and fun of an e-bike. Now featuring a fully integrated battery with 3 levels of support, 26" tires and Electra's patented Flat Foot Technology®. Go faster, farther, and funner for less than you thought possible. 

Diamondback Electric Response  

Get to your destination in record time on this Class 3 electric hardtail mountain bike. The performance speed motor has 85Nm of torque and a 10-speed Shimano drivetrain to zip you across the park, through the valley, and over hills. This is the perfect front suspension bike for the everyday thrill-seeker, looking to maintain eye-watering speed without breaking a sweat. Additionally, the 27.5-inch wheels provide loads of traction on smooth or gritty pavement with easy navigation to tackle both natural and manmade obstacles.  

Buying a bike at Epic Mountain Gear can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it requires some research and careful consideration. Take our pro advice or stop in-store to get a recommendation from one of our experts! Stop in to one of our 7 store locations now!  


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