Meet One Of Our Epic Experts: CHRIS – Epic Mountain Gear


Meet One Of Our Epic Experts: CHRIS

Homebase: Park Meadows, Colorado 
Role: Epic Mountain Gear Supervisor and Learn To Bike Instructor 
Epic Experience: 5 years at Epic Mountain Gear plus 3 years volunteer ski patrolling.  
Pro Tip For Beginners:Put time, effort and money into getting the right gear that fits you and your goals.” 




What makes you an expert at what you do? 

I have been in the ski industry on and off since I was 15 (I'm old now so that's a long time) including working in ski shops, tour operation, Ski Patrol and now back in retail management. I have been able to turn my passion for the sports I love into a career helping others get the most out of their experience in the mountains. 

Favorite story/memory from working in your role? 

Demo Days are always so much fun and I have so many great memories. The skiers and snowboarders there are some of the best I have ever skied with and it's a great way to connect with so many that share the same passion. Testing the newest and coolest gear on the planet and getting to geek out on the chairlift rides with reps and teammates, it is amazing to see and be a part of. 

If you could give a guest your best unique pro-tip, what would it be? 

Put time, effort and money into getting the right gear that fits you and your goals. Nothing can ruin your day as fast as ill-fitting equipment. Ski boots are a great example. If your boots are too packed out or too big, you may find yourself moving inside the boot and unnecessarily flexing your foot muscles trying to hold on for dear life. You cannot control the ski and have very little feedback from the snow. Too small, too thin, with pressure points or without the correct support, and you're sitting in the lodge while everyone else is still skiing. Find your balance between comfort and performance that fits your budget. 

What’s your favorite outdoor activity? 

I love skiing. To leave the world behind for a few hours and enjoy the peace and quiet tranquility of the powder as you're floating down the mountain on pillows of fresh to the endorphin high and pure adrenalin rush...How can you not love that?  




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