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Level Up Your Ride: How Bike Tech Can Transform Your Cycling Experience

Bike technology has exploded in recent years, offering a variety of gadgets and upgrades to enhance your riding experience. With so many options available, it's important to choose the technology that best suits your needs and your riding style. If you’re looking to add tech to your bike set-up, our stores are the perfect place to start with a wide product selection for every type of rider.  

Gear Up for Performance 


Take your bike ride a step further and track your performance with a cycling computer. Our in-store experts recommend the Bontrager RIDEtime Elite Cycling Computer for casual cyclists, with a simple and easy-to-use computer to track basic ride metrics.  

Bike sensors are a good Bluetooth add-on that wirelessly transmits data to computer or phone. Check out our Bontrager DuoTrap S Digital Sensor or Bontrager DuoTrap Digital Speed/Cadence Sensor. 

Light Up Your Ride 


Increase your visibility and stay safe on the road with smart lights. The Bontrager Ion 200 RT/Flare RT Light Set is a great option if you’re looking for a compact and powerful daytime running light. Attach it to your bike's front and rear and enjoy improved visibility from a farther distance.  

The Bontrager Ion Pro RT Front Bike Light is another high-quality choice offering five modes for day and night, rechargeable with a USB.  


Safety First – Protect Yourself with a Bike Helmet 


Helmet technology has advanced over the years to protect you from a crash. The Bontrager Starvos WaveCel Cycling Helmet is a versatile helmet designed for a variety of riders, with a focus on safety and comfort. Featuring WaveCel Technology, a collapsible cellular structure lining the inside of the helmet, effective at absorbing the impact energy from a crash compared to traditional foam helmets, especially for rotational impacts. 


Gear for the Everyday Cyclist 



Keep your bike secure with our advanced bike locks. New-U Evolution Mini-7 w/ Flex is a great all-around U-bike lock for any bike type. It features a resistant 13mm hardened steel shackle, double deadbolt design, and a four-foot flexible cable to lock up more than just your bike.  

Our stores also offer smartphone holders that mount directly onto your handlebars. Utilize these study holders to transform your smartphone into a cycling computer and take advantage of numerous apps that track your ride, provide navigation, and even offer coaching features. 


Boost Your Ride with Electric Bikes 


For those who crave a little extra boost, electric bikes (e-bikes) are a game-changer. With a motor assisting your pedaling, you can conquer hills with ease, extend your range, and arrive at your destination feeling refreshed. 

New to Epic Mountain Gear, the Trek Marlin +6 is the supercharged version of the hardtail mountain bike you know and love, now with an electric motor.  

Finding the Right Tech 

So, what are you waiting for? Now’s the time to experiment and try different gadgets on your next ride. Embrace the world of bike tech and transform your cycling experience at our seven convenient store locations.  

*Product availability depends on the store. Ask an in-store expert for assistance.

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