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Find Your Fit – How to Find the Best Ski & Snowboard Boots this Season

If you're a skier or snowboarder, you know how important it is to have a good fit for your boots.  

Our Find Your Fit boot fitting program at Epic Mountain Gear is driven by technology as well as our expert trained staff. Our experts utilize high tech machines, giving a personalized view of your foot. From accuracy to our wide assortment of boots, brands, and personalized assessments, explore the benefits and step into this season in comfort.  


The biggest benefit of using this state-of-the-art technology is that it provides a higher level of accuracy than traditional methods. When you get your boots fitted by hand, you risk human error. This market leading foot mapping technology takes that risk away, scanning the foot, allowing for accurate measurements of foot size, volume, arch profile, foot pressure and more, giving our staff the data they need to Find Your Fit.  


Once we have your measurements, it is then a case of finding the right boot for you. Luckily, at Epic Mountain Gear, we have one of the largest assortments of ski and snowboard boots around. Following your boot fit assessment, our expert staff will help you find the right boot, matched to your individual needs.  


Find Your Fit benefits all boot-users, no matter your skill level. After your free assessment, you will receive a personalized report detailing scan data – right to your email! Utilize your data for future uses and to compare your fit for next season or when purchasing boots in the future. Our leading technology can even be used to assist in recommending custom insoles. These insoles are tailored to the individual also, providing comfort and support when matched to the users’ foot and boot. Insoles are an added comfort element that experts at Epic Mountain Gear can advise on when going through the Find Your Fit process. Additionally, our experts can bend, stretch and mold your boot for the perfect custom fit. 

Boot Fit Guarantee  

Another great benefit of getting your boots at Epic Mountain Gear is that they guarantee that you find the right fit and boot. With the Boot Fit Guarantee, if you are not happy with your boot fit, you can bring them back within three uses to allow our experts to dial in your fit or we will exchange them at no additional cost. More information can be found here. 

Boot comfort and fit are key elements of both performance and enjoyment on the mountain. Take advantage of a free Find Your Fit boot fitting assessment for an accurate scan, personalized results, and a wide assortment of high-quality ski and snowboard boots.  Stop in-store now to ensure confidence in your equipment, whatever your level. 

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